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My husband and I have been patients at Tilton Chiropractic for over 10 years. My daughter started getting adjusted when she was one week old! My family gets adjusted once a week as a preventative measure and we know it helps keep us healthier than if we didn't get adjusted, especially during cold and flu season!

Danielle F., customer since 2005

I was really struggling with a bad shoulder and lower back pain. I could hardly pick anything up and couldn't sleep well at all. Doc Trent took his time figuring out the root cause and best course of treatment and went to work. I then learned more about healthy living and maximized living and kind of ran with it. I joined a gym and began really taking my health seriously. I have since regained complete use of my shoulder and the back is amazingly better. I continue to see Doc Trent as I believe a long term course of action is better than a hit and run. I have also dropped about 23 pounds over the last year by paying attention to my health based on the principles Doc gave me and my personal trainer. I owe all of my success to Doc Tilton as he really got me started on the right track. I encourage you to make an appointment and then follow the principles. You will be glad you did.

David M., customer since 2014

The treatment and exercises are SO helpful. I really feel like Dr. Tilton cares and takes time to listen and evaluate what I need and not just do a routine adjustment. I felt a difference almost immediately and plan to continue treatment even when all the symptoms are gone.

Katy P., customer since 2015

I absolutely love going to Tilton Chiropractic in Middleville. I have received so much information from Dr. Ron, Kristen and Brenda that I can use to make my life healthier. This office is all about helping their patients. I highly recommend them. As a matter of fact, 3 of my family members are now going. I myself have only been going less than a month and I feel much better than before going.

Lorie C., customer since 2015

Dr. Tilton is probably the most thorough chiropractor you could have. He just doesn't treat the spine, he treats your overall health. He and the staff are super friendly and will work with you on just about anything. I could not see myself going to anyone else for spinal care or advice on healthy living choices.

Joseph W., customer since 2012

Dr. Trent is the best. He's not just there to do a job, he genuinely cares about each and every one of his patients. He literally hugs each one! He takes the time to learn about everyone and has great advice on life overall, I would go nowhere else.

Kaycee H. , customer since 2014

Top chiropractic clinics in Grand Rapids
Tilton Chiropractic & Wellness Center has been recognized as one of the top Grand Rapids Chiropractic practices.
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Tilton Chiropractic is Worksafe certified
Dr. Tilton is a certified WorkSafe doctor. He will come to your workplace and make back safety fun and informative within a one-hour program. WorkSafe is a free program made possible through a grant from the State of Michigan. To receive WorkSafe at your workplace talk with Dr. Tilton or his staff today!

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Chiropractic Care for Your Body's Recovery

Your neck and back pain is a result of different factors in your lifestyle which we can help you change in order to feel better. We will create a treatment plan depending on your needs combining spinal adjustments, fitness plans, nutrition and much more. Call us for a FREE consultation to learn about how we can eliminate your pain.

Pain Relief Starts with a Healthy Lifestyle

Your back and neck pain will begin to dissipate as we apply spinal correction techniques, massage therapy and more. You can also get help with your diet and fitness which will directly affect your overall health and relieve pressure on your spine. If you find yourself in urgent need of chiropractic care, we offer same-day emergency appointments.

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Top chiropractic clinics in Grand Rapids 
Tilton Chiropractic & Wellness Center has been recognized as one of the top Grand Rapids Chiropractic practices.
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Tilton Chiropractic is WorkSafe certified
Dr. Tilton is a certified WorkSafe doctor. He teaches employees how to prevent back injuries on the job.