Happy, Healthy Patients!

Dr. Trent high fives his patients

Kids love getting adjusted in the Spinalman room...

A family adjustment at Tilton Chiropractic

...Moms & Dads do too!

Dr Trent has a professional approach to aim at the problem and attack it with his learned craft. I recommend him as often as the occasion arises.

Douglas C., Customer since 2005

I love this office and the doctors. I feel welcome and comfortable at every visit. They do a great job, I'm very impressed!

Sadie K., Customer since 2014

I've treated with Dr. Tilton for four years. I would not see any other chiropractor; he is the best in town!

-Joseph W., Customer since 2012

Dr. Ron was very informative and was able to relieve the pinched nerve in my neck giving me use of my left arm back.

-Deborah R., Customer since 2015

Had a wonderful adjustment and a fabulous massage. The staff is always friendly and positive.

-Renee B., Customer since 2015

Tilton Chiropractic is an amazing place for spinal care and wellness. They have a friendly staff and a great support system that I would highly recommend.

-Judith M., Customer since 2013

I started declining in health and increasing in pain, weakness and limitations. I had symptoms including fatigue, GI disturbances, joint and muscle pain, and severe back and neck pain. My major diagnoses were Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia, CFS and IBS. My life became a blur of pain, healthcare provider appointments and little energy left for anything else. THANK GOD, I’ve been a patient of Dr. Trent for 5 months now! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE NEEDED to climb back toward good health! The Maximized Living type of Chiropractic Care is the BEST of the BEST! I have tried so many other things, but nothing else reversed the decline of structural soundness or symptoms. Faithfully doing my corrective and Max T3 exercises, following the Advanced Diet Plan, changing my mindset, minimizing toxins and having my spine brought closer to its proper curvatures, is making all the difference. Dr. Trent is a terrific life coach and knowledgeable in so many areas! It PAYS to LISTEN and PRACTICE what he teaches, because you’re not just another number at Tilton Chiropractic, but a well-cared for individual, with your own unique program designed to BRING you to, and then KEEP you at OPTIMAL HEALTH.

-Dawn S., Customer since 2014

Dr Ron's staff are always helpful in working me into their schedule. I’m pleased with his promptness and got almost immediate relief from his adjustment!